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The Macaroni Orthotics

The Macaroni Orthotics

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Orthotics edition

The Macaroni's Orthotics Edition is Butler's Original tall all-weather, 3-in-1 boot, with a special V-stitched front opened liner to better accommodate braces. We are extremely proud that our products are adaptive and friendly for children with disabilities and children with special needs. Butlers also promote self independence and confidence through many of its unique features。

The Original 3-in-1 concept

1. All weather boot
(boot and liner)
Your children’s feet should never get wet or cold, from cold winters -30F to sunny outdoor summertime fun +68F. Our products are 100% waterproof, in addition to the 16mm thick tech liner that provides extra comfort and protection against moisture, whether from inside or outside.

2. Slipper
(liner only)
Our tech liners are too much fun to always remain inside the boot! Comfortable, antimicrobial and cute looking, our liners are perfect for all indoor adventures!

3. Overshoe
(boot minus liner)
You’ve invested in good quality shoes for your little one. Now you can protect your investment from the elements and let them wear their favorite perfect-fit shoes every day, whatever the weather. Makes life easier for children, their parents and their teachers!

Slipping into a pair of Butler’s with shoes on really is child’s play. All your children have to do is pull out the liner, step into their Butler’s wearing any pair of shoes, secure the strap and you’re ready to go! ANY. PAIR. OF. SHOES.


100% waterproof

all weather versatility

AFO, orthotics and special needs friendly

Big Fan Easy Entry System

Custom Velcro® Brand closure

Dishwasher-safe boot

Machine washable liner

Easy on, Easy off

Made in USA

Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly

Slip resistant sole

Ultra lightweight

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