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Raduga Grez Wooden Mushrooms

Raduga Grez Wooden Mushrooms

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As a child, a trip to the woods for mushrooms seems like a big event. We get up early, put on rubber boots couple of sizes bigger, go to the forest, drink tea from a thermos and eat sandwiches. The house fills with the smell of mushrooms, we peel and cut them, telling each other stories. And it is not a big deal that small mushroom hunters will not eat a piece of a mushroom stew afterwards… These memories become a part of us.

Wooden mushrooms will remind you of those days and will become good scenery for role-plays.
Put them in the secret corners all over the room, give your children baskets and send them to pick up the mushrooms. And if you turn a mushroom upside down it’ll become a spinner!

Smallest mushroom: 4x3 cm
Biggest mushroom: 7x6 cm

Handmade from solid linden wood.

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