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Puzzle+ : LOKI goes snorkeling (35 Pcs)

Puzzle+ : LOKI goes snorkeling (35 Pcs)

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Puzzles with LOKI ! The LOKI universe continues to grow ! Discover without further delay the Puzzles +, accessible from 4 years old, this puzzle is declined in 35 pieces. But certainly, the mischievous LOKI does not propose us "simple" puzzles... In Puzzle + - Loki goes diving, other surprises await you! Each box also contains a poster on both sides, but also an incredible figurine of LOKI in action: on his sled with his hat in the wind, with his snorkel ready to dive, or sipping his fresh fruit juice at the beach. Figure in hand and imagination on the alert... It is now up to the children to tell the rest of her Wouf stories! Accompanied by her sidekick Floki the maine coon, Marine Cazaux likes to explore all kinds of universes. With her colorful humor, she wants to make playful experiences even more fun! Ready for a wouf dive? LOKI has thought of everything! You can look at the back of the puzzle pieces to distinguish which ones are where! Now it's easier to solve the puzzle!

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